Screen protectors are 100% touch accurate and compatible with 3D Touch. It protects your mobile devices screen from scratches and can absorb impact! These screen protectors provide advanced clarity, and work with most mobile cases with 99% touch accuracy. These glass screen protector fully covers your choice of cell phone display, and is case-friendly due to the open edge design. You can select your favorite iPhone or Samsung case and keep your screen protected at the same time!


Some of these screen protector is coated with hydrophobic and oleophobic clear layer, which protect you glass against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints, keeping your cell phone screen immaculate all day long.


These mobile phone screen protector is easy to install without any difficulty, due to worry-free installation frame to provide accurate installation. Also online installation tutorials are available on the web, which is quite helpful for the customers for easy and correct installation.


The most important thing is that this some screen protector offers Lifetime Warranty. Therefore there is no-hassle and warranty provides easy lifetime protection for your tempered glass screen protector.


The important point to remember is that due to the rounded-edge designs of the Apple iPhone X 2017 & iPhone XS 2018 phone only, this screen protector tempered glass is specifically made to be a slightly smaller than the actual screen of your device, this minimizes the chances of bubbles, peeling, and cracking.


Please follow these steps for hassle free installation of screen protector;


  1. Make sure to clean the screen thoroughly using the included wet & dry wipes
  2. Snap the guidance frame on your phone to help easily align the protector to the screen
  3. Peel off the thin, clear, protective layer(s) from the screen protector before applying the protector to the phone
  4. Finally, put the screen protector onto the screen slowly. And you are DONE!